Pastoral Council

The pastoral council of Prince of Peace will identify the vision for the parish as well as the path to achieve that vision by collaboration with all the parish ministries. The pastoral council, as consultants to the pastor of Prince of Peace, will examine pastoral matters and come to a prayerful consensus, maintaining the purity of the vision and the parish mission, towards God’s will for Prince of Peace.

The council will consist of six laypersons from the parish and the pastor. The Council shall have one chairperson and one co-chairperson. The chairperson’s term shall be one year. A co-chairperson will be selected by the council, and will serve for one year in that capacity, after which that person will assume the role of chairperson.

The term for members of the council shall be 3 years. Members will serve no more than one term.

Finance and Administration Council

The Finance and Administration Council is a consultative body charged with advising the Pastor on the temporal affairs of the parish. The council meets approximately 10 times a year.

The council is composed of six parishioners with the parish business manager as an exofficio member. Terms of service are three years and coincide with the parish fiscal year, July through June. Two new members are selected each year, typically in August, to provide a yearly rotation of membership. Qualifications for consideration for membership of the council are a genuine interest and commitment to serve. Those with business management or controllership experience are encouraged to share their gifts and experience in this ministry.

Council meetings are open to all parishioners and are generally held the last Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in room 308.