Strong Catholic Families

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SCF (Strong Catholic Families) meets every third Thursday of each month.

Strong Catholic Families (SCF) is a process well-underway in our Parish.

SCF is a national program based on research funded by National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. It is designed to support parents in the faith development of their children, and empower parish leadership to support parents and families in passing the faith forward to their children.

The 5 keys to Strong Catholic Families:

1) live the faith passed on to their children
2) make faith a top family priority
3) “gate-keep” kids activities and time
4) support one another and build inter-family networks of faith and life support
5) live as family – as the small domestic Church they are

SCF is not about meetings.

My hope is that 75% of SCF happens in the home as parents and children grow together in the faith. In-Church activities will be about 10% (one evening a month). Just 15% of SCF parent time will be planning and implementing the SCF process.
Most active so far is the In-Church Family Opportunity on the third Thursday of the month. Over the past year we have worshipped in a variety of ways with Mass, communion service, benediction, and prayer service. We moved into the hall for a potluck and a family-faith-friendly discussion. We try to come up with some kids’ games as well. We try to develop questions for table discussion among parents and children.
The Church is listening to the needs of parents. The Strong Catholic Families process is creative, empowering, and desperately needed in the Catholic Church today. All people are welcome to participate. That includes families with children, single parent, couples without children or whose children are on their own, widows-widowers, and single people. Did I miss anyone? All are welcome.

(Taken from Deacon Jim’s letter to the parish)

Parish staff listened to 33 families expressing their needs and wishes.

Based on parent-input and staff support, four opportunities (with staff person support) exist for parents:

1) Monthly In-Church Service, Potluck, and Lively Discussion with Deacon Jim
2) Resources available ask Deacon Jim
3) Family Service Opportunities with Walt Elliott
4) Parent Learning During Religious Ed with Barb Perri